Everything we do as human beings involves movement. Movement is part of our DNA. It determines so much of what we do and who we are. Can you imagine a world in which humans are unable to move? Doesn’t sound like much of a world does it?

We are designed to move… to walk… to jump… to run.

Now imagine a world in which every human being walks around with a limp, crooked spine or lopsided shoulders, or carries an ache or pain with them throughout the day, simply because a muscle is locked in an inactive position. Sounds a lot like our day and age, doesn’t it?

Lynotherapy can help you get back your full range of movement.

This rounded treatment will help you become aware of your entire body and assist you in correcting any movement problems or muscle imbalances. Lynotherapy focuses on the cause of injury and pain which come about as a result of fascia locking the body into an unnatural overcompensation pattern.

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What our clients have to say


I highly recommend Ray for any treatment you may require. My son is an elite athlete who has had problems over the last few months due to growth. Ray has been excellent in helping us through this difficult time and aiding Dylan back on the road to recovery. His knowledge and they way he goes about his treatment is second to none. Please go see Ray if you have any issues regarding movement or mobility.” – Nicole James

Ray is a first class therapist with a wealth of knowledge and skill. As a personal trainer I refer my clients to him as my family and I have amazing results through his treatment.” – Sue Cope

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and in need of a hip replacement – with sciatic nerve pain too. I have been on loads of very strong pain killers for months until I was introduced to Lynotherapy.
I’m sceptical about all things as nothing has ever helped with my pain or movement troubles…but I’m glad I took the chance with Lyno!!
My pain has reduced substantially meaning less pain killers. My flexibility has improved drastically too. I can actually reach my shoulder blades which I have never been able to do before. I have referred plenty people to Ray and they have all seen fantastic results from the treatment. I would highly recommend Lyno therapy to anyone suffering from physical pain. I am now able to do more physically and feel so much better. I am no longer having to give up the things I love which has been the most beneficial thing both mentally and physically.” – Jason Geldart

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